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Eleutheria Concealment



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Includes: B1 Buckle & Coyote Battle Belt (1.75"), Inner Velcro Liner Belt (1.5"), 1 Tip Keeper, Measuring Tape, Hex Wrench & Set Screws. This is a complete battle belt kit. 

** Only Battle Belts in original condition, original packaging and uncut, are eligible for return.**

Introducing the World's First Micro Adjustable Battle belt. Kore Battle belts use a hidden track with 20+ sizing points to adjust in small ¼” increments. Now you can loosen your belt 1/2" after a large meal, or tighten it as much as humanly possible, to securely hold up all your gear when needed. And best of all you can adjust while - sitting, walking, running, swimming or even crawling thru the trenches. No more having to remove or undo your belt buckle to make an adjustment. Simply put, this is the best fitting, most durable battle belt you’ll ever wear.  

Outer Battle Belt is Nylon Web flanked by two rows of Molles, Super-Fiber inner lining & proprietary Reinforced Power-Core™ center. The Inner Velcro Liner belt is nylon web & feeds thru belt loops to hold up your pants & support the weight of the outer Battle belt. The 2 belt system works in unison to adjust the belt's size - in and out - and they must be used together.

Belt Width / Thickness

1.75” / 7mm

Load Rating

20 lbs. / Up to 20 lbs. /  Full-Size Firearms, Magazine Pouches, Dump Pouches, Trauma Kits, etc..

Size Range

Fits  24" - 48"

Buckle Material/ Finish

Zinc Alloy / Powder Coat

Buckle Size / Weight

2” x 2.5” / 5.5 oz.

Adjustable Track

Provides Over 20 - ¼” Size Positions

Belt Reinforcement

Power-Core™ Center for Added Stiffness and Support; Virtually Indestructible

Belt Material

Nylon Web Outer / 2 Rows of MOLLE

Reinforced Power-Core™ Center

Super Fiber Inner


Tip Keeper



Compatible with B1 and B2 Battle Buckles

Not Compatible with G-Series Buckles, X-Series Gun Buckles, Western Gun Buckles or Non-Gun Buckles 


1 Year Manufacturer’s / 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee*



Aluminum Gun Holster Mounts: Holster mounts are not intended to be inserted through the webbing; over time it will wear out.  We will not cover any damages resulting from improper use of the holster. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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